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Hello, we are Bitcoin 360 Ai App 👋

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We Are A Crypto Trade Opportunities Alerts App

The Bitcoin 360 Ai is a crypto trading tool that provides trade opportunities alerts based on Ai powered algorithms. Our vision is to become the largest platform for crypto traders community supported by our App’s social trading and other crowd trade-related features.

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Introducing our Coin iFex 360 Ai Auto-trading version

The Coin iFex 360 Ai is an app version that includes two trading modes, a fully auto-trade mode and a manual mode. Auto trading authorizes the app to perform all trading activities without human intervention, while the manual mode does not execute the trades but instead it alerts traders when trading opportunities are triggered by our Ai algorithms.

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We use Unique Ai Algorithms

Sophisticated artificial intelligence algorithms empowers +360 App iFex BTC trading strategies. In order to deliver optimal but yet conservative results, the app is constantly scanning over 100 crypto markets in real-time, searching for historically proven patterns and correlations in order to trigger quality trade opportunity alerts.

What is Bitcoin iFex 360 Ai?

The Bitcoin iFex 360 Ai is an auto trading AI-algorithm-driven App which triggers trading alerts when certain criteria’s are met, it has a unique user-friendly interface which makes it attractive for both beginners and advanced traders alike. The 360 App iFex BTC Ai provides secured but yet easily accessible and portable crypto trading platform, join our growing traders community and discover the potential of XBT & other cryptocurrencies.

BTC 360 Ai - Made for beginners and experienced crypto traders alike

The Bitcoin 360 Ai is a simplified designed app but yet includes advanced trading features which makes it suitable for both beginners and advanced traders alike.

Crypto is gaining recognition and acknowledgement rapidly, having been traded for more than a decade now and therefor attracts all type of investors; the Bit App iFex 360 investors group comprise all levels of investors, our community includes highly skilled investors as well as newbies that came across crypto trading for the very first time.

With our XBP App iFex 360 version anyone can create automated, manual or hybrid cryptocurrency trading models without having any prior knowledge.


Traders can execute unlimited amount of short or long term trades 24 hours a day. This allows them to maximize the potential of the crypto markets and have more time to enjoy their financial freedom and success. The app can automate the scan of the markets and execution of profitable trades according to the investor’s or the trader’s set rules.


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BTC 360 Ai uses ultra-modern technologies to achieve trade execution advantage over other algo trading bots. This is one of the most high-tech trading platform exists, it continuously uses sophisticated computer algorithms to monitor and analyze markets for the best conditions. As a result, our Ai boasts continuously optimized track-records.

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XBT App iFex 360 Ai is a leading cryptocurrency trading app, it offers more than 100 tradable crypto assets. It's the complete package. It is accessible for all levels of experience and has an intuitive interface. In addition, it is based on an historical record algorithms checks with an aim to produces optimal trading alerts.

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Associations, traders, brokers and members hold the Coin iFex 360 Ai high estimate because of its proven track record and high performance even in extreme market condition. In addition, the customer service is available 24/7, our support team will answer general questions or provide technical assistance.

How does Bitcoin 360 Ai Works 🧐


Registering is entirely free, just fill out our brief registration form located at the top of this BTC 360 Ai homepage. Basic information, including your full legal name, email address, phone number, and country of residence, is required. After the online form is accepted, you will become a member of our traders community. You can instantly start using our cryptocurrency trading app.


As soon as you Bit App iFex 360 trading account has been registered, you are ready to start trading and investing. You only need to invest €250 with one of the supporting brokers in order to start using the app. You own all money that you invest and all the money you gain. The funds can be withdrawn or reinvested in trading activities. You can use the funds from your account to fund crypto trading.


Once your account is set up and available funds, you can start training and trading. The broker’s will handle everything in terms of connecting our app with their execution platform. the App does not only scans the market for probable opportunities but can also executes trades for you to maximize your margin potentials. You can also switch to manual trading if you prefer more control over your trades.

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Bitcoin 360 Ai scam – App copy caution alert

BTC 360 Ai scam alert

Bitcoin 360 Ai scam is a scenario where unreliable sources making copies of our app, given the unregulated nature of cryptocurrencies worldwide, software’s and products such as our app versions including the XBT App iFex 360 Ai are targeted by abusers which are copying our app in different forms and shape. Rest assure that you are now visiting the Bitcoin 360 Ai official website, registering with our app is free of charge. Only when you decide to start the trading activity, you will need to fund your account with one of our third parties supported brokers, upon your consent, we will pass on your contact info to one of the brokers who will guide and explain you about the trading as well as activations procedures.

*An independent report on our app can be found here.

Bitcoin 360 Ai Scam

Does Bit App iFex 360 Ai affected by the recent negative media on the crypto industry?

Absolutely NOT!

Bitcoin 360 Ai is a legitimate, reliable and reputable crypto trading app, it was designed to be simple-to-use and yet deliver exceptional results. It can be used as an automated trading mode, eliminating human weaknesses such as inexperience, emotions, time, and indecisiveness. BTC iFex 360 Ai is more than just a trading app, it is in fact a community where traders can share ideas and results with each other to educate themselves. The App is used daily by newbies and experienced trader who actually benefiting from it financially

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XBT App iFex 360 Artificial Intelligence

Bitcoin iFex 360 Ai is an artificial intelligence driven app which uses latest technologies to advance your crypto trading with more confidence and higher margins potential. With its cutting-edge algorithms, the software provides real-time market insights and analysis, so you can make informed trading execution decisions.

The iFex 360 Ai app is constantly updated with the latest market features, so you’ll always have the most up-to-date tools to make optimal investments. You’ll be able to see how the market is doing in real-time and make decisions accordingly. This data is essential for anyone looking to profit in the crypto markets.

By analyzing this data, you can make informed decisions about which coin to buy and sell and when to do so.


*Find here some more useful information on artificial intelligence in the cryptocurrency markets

BTC iFex 360 Ai demo Account

When you are trading in the stock market, knowing when to buy and sell is essential. This can help you maximize your profits and minimize your losses. One way to practice this is to use a demo account.

A demo account is a great way to learn about the stock market and how it works. You can also use the demo to test new strategies.

Bitcoin 360 Ai demo is an app version that is used to test the markets on any device that is connected to the internet.

This includes desktops, tablets, and mobile devices, all of them do not require the download of the app.

The BTC 360 Ai demo application is a risk-free environment that simulates real market trading, in the demo version you get all the benefits of the live trading app, such as: fast analysis, precise signals, and automated trades.

Even the manual demo trading mode includes all the benefits and features of live Bitcoin 360 Ai app, this demo manual trading option gives you greater control over your trades if you want more practice on demo mode before going live.

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UK App Bitcoin 360 Ai Martin Lewis media references

Bitcoin 360 Ai is a popular crypto trading app that gained popularity worldwide and, in the UK specifically, hence it attracts media coverage, such media references are also generated by abusers that are “riding” the buzz around our name with an aim to gain visitors to their copied Bitcoin 360 Ai sites, one of their strategies is to use celebrities’ names together with our app name – they do this in order to gain trust from clients to register with them. We recently came across references in the UK media about investment made in Bitcoin 360 Ai by Martin Lewis. We would like to clarify that such media press regarding Martin Lewis was not published by us and is not in any event related to us.

As can be seen in this reliable report, any advertisement that speaks about investments made by Matin Lewis in Bitcoin 360 Ai and probably any other crypto trading app is false.


Elon Musk Bitcoin 360 Ai media coverage

Bit App iFex 360 Ai is a popular crypto assets trading app, the success of our app, which operates in the cryptocurrencies niche – an uncertain regulatory niche in most of the parts of the world, is a success that attracting press from all different kind of parties, unfortunately also from some abusers that use our name unethically and illegibly. We noticed some media coverage on a connection between Elon Musk and Bitcoin 360 Ai – and we like to state that such press did not came from us and as much as we would like to disclose our investors list, we are unable due to privacy agreements we have in place. We like to clarify that no media press related to any sort of connection between Elon Musk and was published by us and such connection does not exist.

Our iFex 360 Ai hybrid auto-manual-trading App version combines humen manual and automated trading features which make it stand out above competitors.

Bitcoin 360 Ai default and iFex App version main features

Bitcoin 360 Ai price is zero

The Bitcoin 360 Ai price is zero. There is no registration fee, all trading activity and use of our features are entirely free of charge. we will earn our fees from future feature that we will introduce over q2, q3 of 2023.

No mandatory download

The BTC iFex 360 Ai web version does not require installation or download, because its an internet web-based platform that can be operated from any internet-connected browser and from any device or location.

Bitcoin 360 Ai registration without hassle

It is easy and quick to register for Bitcoin 360 Ai. The process of registration is easy and fast, once done, you will be able to connect it with one of the broker where you can execute the trades.

Fast & Easy Verification

Bitcoin 360 Ai makes it easy and secure to verify your account. Upon registration, with your consent, we will transfer your contact info to the one of the supportive brokers who will contact you to verify and activate your trading account.

User-Friendly Interface

The Bitcoin 360 Ai auto-trading platform has a very intuitive interface and is easy to operate. It was created to with the aim to support inexperience trades. As a result, the app is easy-to-use but yet includes advanced trading features.

Minimum Funds Require

The initial deposit requirement with most of our app supportive brokers is €250. This amount will only be used to fund trades and not whatsoever for app fees which are currently completely free of charge.

Multiple assets selection

By using our App, you can get trade opportunity alerts on fiat currencies, stocks, commodities and multiple cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin Cash, XBT, Ethereum Monero, Ripple, and Dash) this feature is available to all BTC 360 Ai members.

Bitcoin 360 Ai reddit and other communities

Bitcoin 360 Ai members are becoming a community that brainstorm, share ideas or just talk about general life topic in platforms such as reddit, discord and others. as our project develops we will administrate such communities channels and encourage talks between our members.

Time efficiency on new features releases

Bitcoin iFex 360 Ai members are always one step ahead!. This is just one of the many advantages that give the software its edge and the ability to achieve such high popularity worldwide.

Conservative or higher risk settings

Bitcoin 360 Ai is designed to identify potential trading opportunities and turn them into trading signals. The app allows you to set the risk level of the alerts, meaning that each trader can customize the app features based on individual risk appetite.

Easy and Secure Pay ins and Payouts

For funding and withdrawing's your iFex 360 Ai supportive broker account, you can use a credit card or debit card, money transfers, bank wires, and even any electronic wallets. Any withdrawal will be paid back to the original payment method that you used to initially fund your account with.

Strict Data Security

All your financials, personal information and trades actions are strictly kept in a secure environment. Your security is our reputation, it is our top priority to keep your information on the highest security standards.

BTC 360 Ai Demo Account

You can test your chosen rules with Bitcoin 360 Ai Demo Account and practise your skills without risk. After you are proficient in demo trades, you can start genuine transactions.

Modern Backtesting Feature

The Backtesting feature in the Coin iFex 360 Ai app versoin allows you to test your trading strategies on past market conditions. This will enable you to modify and optimize your settings at any time.

Flexible Customisation

Bitcoin 360 Ai offers many trading modes and variables that can be customised. This allows for maximum customisation to suit your trading preferences.

24/7 Customer Support

Customers' and Clients' success, comfort and satisfaction are our utmost priority. This is why we have customer service representatives available 24/7 to help you.

Knowledgable Resources

Bitcoin iFex 360 Ai wants you to have all the educational resources you need in one place.

This will allow you to keep up with the latest news and trends, educate yourself, gain the knowledge and tools you need to succeed in the digital asset market, and maximize your money-making potential.

Join our XBT App 360 community and learn more about the history of the market, trading strategies and tips, cryptocurrency mining, detailed guides, and other helpful information.

btc Ai trading strategies


Bitcoin 360 Ai is a crypto trading Ai driven app that produce trade opportunities alerts powered by algorithms that are scanning live market movements in a search for patterns and correlations and comparing them with historical back-testing scans, so when certain conditions are met – a trading opportunity alert is triggered on the app front-end.

The Bitcoin iFex 360 Ai is an app version that includes hybrid models in which traders can choose between automated trade execution or manual trade execution; the iFex version is available to all traders and does not require any additional setup or cost.

Bitcoin 360 Ai iFex is a legitimate crypto trading app, there are several abusive app operators that are taking advantage of our name and reputation but you can easily ensure that you register with the correct app simply by checking that you are registering with the authentic URL, moreover, we will never ask for any fees from you, the only payment you will be require to make it to fund your trading account with one of the app supportive brokers and you can do that only when you feel confidence enough to trade trading, while other abusive apps will require upfront payments.

Due to investors agreements we have in place we cannot currently disclose our investors list to the public, however, we can confirm that our investors includes VCs from Asia as well as individual high ranked crypto players.

Yes, XBT App iFex 360 Ai is the same as Bitcoin 360 Ai. Our app includes several alternative names, as an example, in some regions in the world the term XBT is more popular then ‘Bitcoin’ but both terms are in fact the same.

Cryptocurrencies are not regulated in most parts of the world, therefor, there is no official regulator for the app activity, however, as a long term vision company we conduct ongoing self-regulatory actions which includes audits by reputable firms, cybersecurity checks and a strict ‘know your client or partner’ protocols to ensure that our suppliers, clients and service providers are working inline with regulatory and professional standards.

Bitcoin 360 Ai iFex is free of charge for all our members, we currently do not charge any fees or commission whatsoever, our business model vision is to create long term relationship with our community and on a later stage in our app life we will introduce special features that will be enabled to traders that will be interested to pay for their use. we will inform all our clients in advance in any case of pricing policy changes.

Final words

We’ve been around for some time now and built an excellent reputation among our users. Many of them who have made good margins by using our app services are ordinary people without experience in cryptocurrency trading.

We believe that the best way to trade cryptocurrencies in using any of our versions, ie BTC, XBT, iFEX app is by learning how to use it properly. You can find lots of information about the app on our website, so spending a little time browsing through it should help you get started. We also offer an extensive FAQ section where you’ll find answers to any questions you might have.

There is some risk involved in trading BTC, XBT and other crypto coin, but if its done correctly, risks can be mitigated and margin potential can be higher.

Bitcoin iFex 360 AI Highlights

🤖 Trading Platform Crypto
💰 Platform Cost No Cost
💰 Withdrawal Fee Free
📊 Type of platform Web-based,Proprietary platform, Google's Android and Apple's iOS
💳 Deposit Option PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, UnionPay, Webmoney, Yandex, Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, Diners Club
🌎 Countries All - Except USA

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