About Us – Bitcoin 360 Ai | powering BTC Evex 3.0 Pro version.

About our company and App

Bitcoin 360 Ai is a crypto trading app empowered by an Ai-driven algorithm which triggers trade opportunity alerts based on historical and live patterns and correlations recognitions.

Our vision is to simplify and provide accessibility to any person who wants to engage in crypto trading but doesn’t have the tools and knowledge, to begin with, or simply looking gain more control over their crypto trading.
We are aiming to create a community where our traders can share ideas, strategies, trading results or talk about day to day life with each other.

Each member of the team behind Bitcoin 360 Ai is a passionate crypto savvy that cares about the experience of each trader, the team includes engineers, designers, statisticians and other functions – all working to achieve one main goal – which is to create the Bitcoin 360 Ai crypto traders community who will continue to grow and achieve financial freedom.
The team is constantly updating and adding new versions and feature to our app, which includes the 3.0 Evex, XBT and other versions that we introduced over 2022; stay tuned – more killer features and versions are in our pipeline for 2023 😁

Artificial intelligence empowers the app trade opportunities alerts, more details on our Ai logic can be found on our official website homepage Ai paragraph. Moreover, for traders who prefer the automated trading feature, fast trade execution is a critical element in catching the right opportunity at the right time, the BTC 360 Ai App has an average trade execution timing edge of 0.01 seconds, which gives our system another significant advantage.

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Inexperience and pro traders alike

We designed our app so anyone even inexperience traders with no prior knowledge or experience will be able to trade cryptocurrencies. With that said, the app includes sophisticated advanced features that are used by professional traders. We are committed to support and advance all levels of our traders so even first timers will be able to trade like professionals using the Bitcoin 360 Ai and all related iFex and XBT App versions.

Introducing App versions: BTC 360 Ai & BTC Evex 3.0 Pro

We recently introduced the Bitcoin 360 Ai & BTC Evex 3.0 Pro versions which allows traders to instantly switch or hybrid auto-trading and manual trading models, while some traders are looking for completely automated trading, some are looking to be more in control over their trades. The manual trading is typically suitable for longer term trades and we are in the opinion that diversifying trading durations is a correct way to mitigate potential risk especially on high volatility times.

The Bitcoin iFex 360 Ai exist under the same default BTC 360 Ai app versoin, so you do not need to set it up separately or access to another app.

Cryptocurrencies – the basics 🎓

Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency that attracted global attention was created back in 2008-2009. In fact BTC was not the digital currency that was introduced to the world, but the Bitcoin reached popularity which opened the door for all the cryptocurrencies and generally to the blockchain industries.

Then 2 years later, on around 2010 crypto exchanges started to appear online, as well as other cryptocurrencies types. Since then a snowball affect started, obviously because of the unique features and problems that crypto coins are solving.

Crypto coins are essentially digital currencies that are held and controlled by the people and not by banks or governments. Its a decentralized global p2p system which means that it is not controlled or monitored by banks so any person from any place in the world can buy, sell, send or receive crypto coins payments instantly and with almost zero costs.

Bitcoin as well as any other crypto coins are a digital asset which only exist on the digital environment and are backed by serial number blockchain codes and therefor transactions are stamped to a digital data base ledger that is available to anyone with internet connection. 

Cryptocurrencies Security

All Crypto coins are powered by the blockchain technology which is a revolutionary modern technological framework of so-called ‘blocks’, blocks are basically a growing list of stamp records of each transaction within the blockchain system and are attached to each other via a secure cryptography technique which makes the cryptocurrencies transactions secured. More information on blockchain security can be found here.

Advantages of crypto trading

bitcoin 360 ai practical


Given the decentralized nature of cryptocurrencies, it is easy, secure and practical to transact and trade using these digital coins. For the same reason, it is also extremely cheap and practical.

bitcoin 360 ai Transparant


The (public) blockchain technology is fully transparent to anyone with internet connection. Each transaction is time-stamped and recorded in the blockchain so its fully transparent and monitorable.

bitcoin 360 ai Accessible


Cryptocurrencies are accessible to anyone. All you need is an internet connection, setting up a crypto wallet is instant and bureaucracy free; A game changer when comparing the same process with traditional banks or brokers.

bitcoin 360 ai Diversification


In general, diversifying investment is one of the basic rules that each trader should follow. Cryptocurrencies can be a good option for anyone that is looking to diversify his/her investment portfolio.